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Vision and Objectives

The Vision for UK Research and Innovation

Knowledge - Push the frontiers of human knowledge

Economy - Deliver economic impact and create better jobs

Society -  Create social impact by supporting our society to become stronger and healthier 


We want to invest every pound of taxpayers’ money wisely in a way that maximises impact for citizens, in the UK and across the world. UK Research and Innovation will be measured by the impact we deliver, and this will have three elements:

  • We will push the frontiers of human knowledge and understanding;
  • We will deliver economic impact and social prosperity;
  • We will create social impact by supporting our society and others to become enriched, healthier, more resilient and sustainable.

How to achieve our objectives is clear. We need to invest in the highest-quality research and innovation, across the UK. We want to foster a collaborative environment for universities, researchers and businesses which is able to attract funding from new sources.

We need to develop the talent pipeline for research and innovation to support those with the greatest talent and potential. We will champion equality, diversity and inclusion across the research and innovation sector, and support a healthy and high-integrity culture.

We will also ensure that UK researchers and innovators enjoy the world’s best infrastructure. To do this, we need to understand the landscape to understand how best to grow and sustain our infrastructure and maximise the value of our assets. The need to achieve the best possible impact has shaped our objectives for the organisation.

We aim to become a strong, single voice for UK research and innovation at home and abroad. To do this we need to inspire, engage and learn from our people, valuing and promoting equality and diversity in all their forms. Their expertise and enthusiasm are crucial to achieving our goals. UK Research and Innovation will need their participation to develop a coherent strategy and voice, to work closely with stakeholders and government, and to support a strong, happy and productive workforce.

We intend UK Research and Innovation to be resilient, efficient and agile. It will be a great place to work. Because it is vital for us to have the best people at all levels throughout UK Research and Innovation, we will also make the most of external expertise, by encouraging researchers and innovators to work with us in integrated programmes of work that address the big challenges for science and society.

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